In the last 20 years, assessments moved from pen and paper tests to smartphones. All in all the technology hasn't changed that much. We intend to change that.


Since 2017 we have been developing a methodology that integrates the latest in Machine Learning with validated personality assessments.


     Now we take it to the next phase. 

The assessment of the future will be AI driven.

How we are building it

This is where we need your help.


We are starting a Pilot as our POC (proof of concept) and intend to collect 5000 assessments, delivered by critical believers who want to help us validate our new technology.

The Pilot runs in 4 languages (more are coming) until May 31st, 2019. 


Sign up and take the assessment!


You can track our progress here.




How you can join the Pilot?

That one is simple.

We just need some of your valuable time. Sign up to the pilot below and complete the 3 steps.



Why would you?

Because you are curious or want to help us, or simply because you're bored of old school assessments and want to contribute to a new better and faster alternative.

You would love to get your personality profile, hey that's a good reason too.


What's in it for you?

Of course your Personality Profile and your unique Personal Score on the Future Skills.


But there is more, as we learn more during the course of the Pilot, we will share our insights with you. We will upload comparison data of your skills (anonymous of course) with those of your fellow pilots.



Join us now and tell your friends

5 Minutes

resume (1).png

To validate our data we need some information that will be treated confidential according to GDPR guidelines.


20 Minutes

Our Personality Assessment collects validated data in no less than 30 personality and motivational traits

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15 Minutes

This is the last and key part. The video test! We need you to be at your best. Answer the questions looking into the camera. Have fun. 

Facelytix Test