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The personality types

Which is YOUR Personality Type ?

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Personality Type - ThinkThe way things are investigated and decisions are made.

4 Behavioral types:
 - Analyst: thorough analysis and preparation of decisions
- Pragmatist: hands-on and action oriented approach of problems
 - Impulsive: acting intuitively and spontaneous reacting
- Passive: correct execution in accordance with guidelines


Personality Type - ActThe way activities are handled and tasks are executed.

4 Behavioral types:
- Conscientious: committed and perseverant in execution
- Entrepreneurial: flexible and dynamic in acting
- Executing: executes methodically in accordance to guidelines
- Result driven: goal oriented and perseverant in acting


Personality Type - TeamworkFocus on the team and attitude in collaboration.

4 Behavioral types:
- Motivator: actively engaged and participative leading
- Compliant: modest and awaiting
- Directive: actively involved and business-like managing
- Cooperative: engaged and focused on alignment


Personality Type - CommunicateAttitude and approach of interaction with others.

4 Behavioral types:
- Extrovert: communicative and self-assured
- Dependent: communicative and trusting
- Detached: critical and diplomatic
- Introvert: reserved and awaiting

A matching percentage indicates the level of correspondence between the profile of the participant and the described behavioral type.

Big5 Personality Characteristics

Which personality trait determines your behavior ?

The Big Five theory consists of 5 dimensions that allow personality to be described:

Emotional Stability
Friendliness (Altruism)

For each dimension, the degree of application is scored indicating the relevance for you, using a scale of –5 to +5. Extreme scores signify that the specific personality trait is more pronounced and can therefore be considered to be determining for your behavior.

In return, the moderate scores (-2 to +2) indicate a lesser impact and a larger degree of flexibility in functioning and in behavior.

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Motivation Profile

What motivates you? What are your needs?

The Motivation Profile contains the 9 most important motivators and needs.  

Motivation Profile - Motivators & Needs

Motivators and Needs determine how and why people function the way they do.
Understanding them is a key in your future career.

Motivators determine which elements in a role/job or function you consider to be rewarding. They indicate your expectations towards your working environment and the functional context.

Needs are those components that have a direct negative impact on your motivation and performance when they are not present in the role/job or function.

The impact and importance of a Motivator – Need is indicated on a 5 scale and indicates the importance on your optimal functioning.


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