Your face is the doorway to your future…
and you can’t hide what it tells us!

Learn more about the pilot study in Poland: Check out this page!

We assess people by combining videotechnology and analytical processing via AI. Try our Beta version and experience it for yourself. Leave your details and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.



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Fast & Easy!

Invite any participant directly from the Facelytix platform. The email contains a link to take the test. 

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You decide!

Select the level of detail of your report. Sometimes all you need is a quick overview. At other times you need an in-depth report. 

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Go straight for the match!

Start any job interview well-prepared. Knowing a candidate's personality allows you to quickly focus on their full potential. 


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The recruiter emails you a link to the test. You decide when you want to take it. No need to prepare yourself, just see what fits your agenda.

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The test consists of 12 questions and 60 seconds answering time per question. No need to dress up sharp. What counts, are your facial expressions, not what you wear or say.

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After about 10 minutes you have finished the test and can enjoy the rest of your day. Don't forget to tell your friends how you just applied for your next job!

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